Since its establishment in 2004, Ray has been dedicated to making a better world by providing reliable, innovative x-ray imaging solutions in dental & medical industry.


We have successfully introduced state-of-the-art imaging solutions to our customers over 50 countries. Ray’s latest products, 3-in-1 CBCT RAYSCAN series for dental and medical, IP scanner RIOScan, intraoral sensor RIOSensor and software solutions, have set new standards of x-ray imaging solutions, leading the global market. All our achievements have been made through our innovative advancement in technology, passionate collaboration with global partners and commitment to better patient care with the competitive products and services in this dynamic world of imaging industry.


Now, we are very pleased to present our exciting 3D printing solution for digital dentistry. With the launching of RAYDENT Studio, the new 3D printer for dental clinics and labs, Ray and you will radically change the dental industry by improving patient care.


Our wealth of experiences and know-hows as well as our global R&D partners’ will constantly improve our truly cutting-edge solutions toward advancement of humanity.

Ray and our partners highly value…

Innovation in Imaging

Innovation in Imaging

Collaboration in Practice

Collaboration in Practice
Commitment to better Care

Commitment to better Care



12  Received certification of the innovative medical device company from the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency

10  Launched RAYFace, One-shot 3D Face Scanner

07  Launched RAYSmiler, Clear Aligner Platform

06  Established Anyang factory in Korea and Launched Ear-Friendly Mask


12  Received an Export Award for the 56th Annual Trade Day

10  Established RAY MEDICAL (HK) LIMITED

08  KOSDAQ Market to be listed

03  Received IR52 Jang Young Shil Award (Ministry of Science the ICT) for RAYDENT Studio


12 Awarded “INNO-BIZ Technology Innovation Commendation” by the Minister of Korean Small and Medium Business Administration

12 Launched Digital Tray

10 Launched RAYSCAN Studio(RCT800)


06 Launched Call center solution for radiology center

05 Launched RAYDENT Microscan(MCT750)

04 Established Ray Taiwan


12 Launched RAYDENT Studio

11 Received Good Design Selection 2017

07 Established Ray Europe GmbH

06 Received IDEA 2017 “Finalist”

05 Awarded “Excellent Venture Company 2017” (Job Security, Globalization) For Two Consecutive Years

04 Received Red Dot Design Award 2017 “Winner”

03 Participated in International Dental Show (IDS) 2017, Cologne, Germany

01 Received iF Design Award 2017 “Winner”


12  Established Ray Mexico (RAYSCAN MEXICO)

12  Received an Export Award for 53rd Annual Trade Day

10  Participated in certification conferment ceremony of ATC (Advanced Technology Center) as exemplary center

09  Established Ray Australia Pty Ltd

08  Established Europe CS Center and RAY JAPAN Co., Ltd

08  Invested by Lifecore Partners, venture capital specialized in biotech

06  Received “Excellent Venture Company” prizes in all categories (sustainable growth, job security, globalization) by Korea Venture Business Association

06  Selected as “Excellent Company To Work In” by Korean provincial government

05  Appointed as ATC (Advanced Technology Center) for Korean Industrial Technology Innovation Program by Korean government

05  Selected to participate in R&D project for Medical Convergence Device focused on Hospital Needs, one of Core Industrial Technology R&D Projects

04  Established Digital Clinical Research Laboratory at Seoul National University Dental Hospital (SNUDH) to reinforce global R&BD

04  Launched RAYSCAN m+ (RCT710), medical x-ray imaging system

03  Launched RIOScan, digital imaging plate system


12  Received GoodDesign Awards “Grand Prize”

11  Received Prime Minister’s Commendation for Contribution to Vitalizing Venture Company

10  Selected as Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

09  Selected as Global Small Giant by Korean Small and Medium Business Administration

05  Certified as INNO-BIZ Company by Korean Small and Medium Business Administration

04  Launched RAYSCAN α+, new cutting-edge dental x-ray imaging solution allowing low x-ray dose

04  Established RAY AMERICA INC.

04  Acquired CE certificate for RAYSCAN α+

03  Participated in International Dental Show (IDS) 2015, Cologne, Germany

03  Spun off from Samsung Electronics

01  Invested by BRV(Blue Run Ventures) Lotus, Asian fund of BRV Venture Capital, California, USA


12  Successfully completed 4-year R&D project with Samsung Electronics

12  Launched RAYSCAN α in US, EU and Japan

03  Launched RIOSensor, new Intra-Oral Sensor


11  Acquired FDA for RAYSCAN α

03  Participated in International Dental Show (IDS) 2013, Cologne, Germany


09  Launched RAYSCAN α scan type cephalo, new options for dental x-ray imaging system

04  Received IDEA Design Awards “Bronze Winner”

03  Received Red Dot Design Award “Winner 2012”

02  Launched RAYSCAN α, 3-in-1 dental x-ray imaging system


05  Launched RAYSCAN Symphony B, dental x-ray imaging system


12  Performed cooperative R&D project with Samsung Electronics for medical x-ray imaging system development

06  Launched RAYSCAN Symphony V, dental x-ray imaging system

04  Incorporated into Samsung Electronics Family

02  Received investment from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation


05  Acquired CE certificate for ISO-13485 and ISO 9001


10  Invested by Korean Kookmin Bank and Kibo Capital

06  Acquired Korea Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) by Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA)

03  Launched RAYSCAN Symphony, dental x-ray imaging system


01  Renamed as RAY Co., Ltd.

01  Selected to participate in Leading Technology Innovation Strategy Project by Korean Small and Medium Business Administration (Rapid dental machining system)

01  Selected to participate in Industry-Academy Cooperation Support Program by Korean Small and Medium Business Administration (Video DR system)


08  Established R&D Lab


10  Established CTI company ltd.

10  Commercialized TOMONICS Series, micro CT system for industrial non-destructive testing

09  Developed world-first Cone Beam CT using Plat Panel Detector


Ray CI represents future oriented,

conative spirit of Ray people and symbolizes sound progress

along with the world by positive communication and respect for life.