RAYDENT Solution

Dental appliance production in your clinic

RAYDENT Solution is the digital solution for production of dental appliances on any desk in your clinic.

  • ScanScan
  • 3D Printing3D Printing
  • TemporariesTemporaries
  • Surgical guideSurgical guide
  • OrthodonticsOrthodontics

Step 1

CT Impression Scan

Step 2

CAD Design

Step 3

3D Printing

3 step desk-top fabrication

of dental appliance


CT Impression scan

RAYSCAN Object scan

RAYSCAN Object scan

RAYDENT Microscan

RAYDENT Microscan


Simple & easy CAD

RAYDENT designer for crown & bridge and model

  1. Select margin
    Select margin
  2. Design a crown or bridge
    Design a crown or bridge
  3. Check fitting
    Check fitting
  4. Generate a crown or bridge (STL)
    Generate a crown or bridge (STL)
  5. Generate a model (STL)
    Generate a model (STL)

3D Printing

Fast & accurate 3D Printing

RAYDENT Studio 600

RAYDENT printing software, curing unit and 3D Printer

RAYDENT Studio 600
RAYDENT Studio 600


A breakthrough innovation of scanning method


Easy and quick occlusal alignment